Health Benefits of Cognac

Is Cognac Good For Your Health?

Some scientific research says yes.  There are multiple reasons that there are health benefits of cognac.

Cognac is world renown as a world class spirit whose creation involves a careful, arduous and painstaking process from soil to glass. Cognac is well-known for its lifting the spirits of its aficionados. Cognac is a pleasure sipped straight or on ice and can complement or enhance a fine meal or cigar. There may also be health benefits to cognac. According to one spry 102 year old marathon runner, Cognac can also help keep you young.

Meet Ernest Dunn

In 1972, then 57 year old Ernest Dunn was “prescribed” a little cognac for his poor circulation. He describes how he would take a shot of Cognac, straight every day. He apparently follows this regime to this day.

Mr. Dunn secrets to longevity do not rest on Cognac alone. Among his pearls of wisdom he describes:

Don’t give up on yourself.
Don’t abuse yourself, love yourself and take care of yourself.
Think for yourself.
Stand on your own feet.
Always be involved in exercise.
Don’t think old.
Keep moving.
If your feet hurt, massage them, be like a rubberband.

Health Benefits of Cognac

health benefits of cognac

According to an article in Livestrong, there is scientific evidence that Cognac may be good for you in moderation.

These benefits include:

-increase antioxidant levels that can prevent risk of clogged arteries, heart disease, cancer and vision loss and may even help the body absorb other antioxidants.

-may reduce risk for blood clots.

-may limit risk for type 2 diabetes and gallstones.

Any of these potential health benefits, however, are negated if Cognac is consumed immoderately – i.e. one drink per day for women and no more than two drinks per day for men. Any thing more than that increases health risk.

21 Side Hustles For 2021

There is a New American Dream, that YOU create YOUR way.

Here at Rivente Cognac, our motto is “Cognac Your Way”.  But, we don’t just want for you to think of your cognac as specific to your way, we want to encourage you to live the American dream your way.  No more do you have to go to college and get a degree full of debt just to get a nice house and a decent car.  You have multiple ways to provide for yourself, and so many of them can be on your own time! With the end of the year vastly approaching, we wanted to make this guide for you to see some up to 21 side hustles for 2021.

side hustles for 2021 guide

Technical: 21 side hustles to start in 2021

1. Create a smartphone app

If you have some app development skills and you’re proficient at Swift or Android-based development platforms, you could try your hand at creating a smartphone app. Obviously, this isn’t a quick or easy way to make money, but could pay off big with the right idea.

2. Become a virtual assistant.

Virtual assistants are in high demand, but it only makes sense from an income standpoint if you have lots of free time and you’re very organized. It also doesn’t hurt to live in an area with a lower cost of living.

3. Manage social media for small businesses.

Number 20 of 21 side hustles to start in 2021 is a hot commodity.  Many small businesses need a social media manager and simply don’t have the time nor the expertise to be constantly posting on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter. Take it upon yourself to contact local businesses and offer up your services for a contracted monthly fee. This is an easy way to make money no matter where you live.

4. Do micro-jobs on Mechanical Turk.

Amazon’s Mechanical Turk platform is one way you can earn money, though it won’t make you rich by any measure. However, if you’re looking to take on micro-jobs that can be done in a few minutes each, by stringing them together, you could earn some cash that might help you out if you’re in a bind.

5. Do email marketing.

Email marketing is one of the most profitable forms of marketing that exists online. However, attracting subscribers and making a personal connection with them takes a good deal of work. Use platforms like LeadPages, Aweber, Constant Contact, MailChimp and ConvertKit to get things off the ground.

6. Design logos on 99Designs.

If you’re graphically inclined and you’re get a programs like Photoshop and Illustrator, you could potentially compete for design work on 99Designs. However, you won’t get paid unless your design is chosen as the winning design, meaning you need to be a very good designer to make income that’s worthwhile here.

7. Create YouTube tutorials.

Although this isn’t the quickest way you can make money with a side income, creating YouTube tutorials can help you earn a respectable amount of income as long as what you deliver is engaging and keeps people interested for long enough. You could also use free tutorials to upsell viewers on products and services you might be offering.

8. Create an online course.

Create an online course with a platform like Udemy or Teachable and leverage some of your skills to create a healthy income. Depending upon how much time you invest in your course, you could make a substantial side revenue stream by creating courses that deliver tremendous amounts of value.  This is a very valuable one of the 21 side hustles to start in 2021.

9. Tutor over Skype.

You can tutor people over Skype, no matter where you might live. This is great, especially if you’re a digital nomad and you’re looking to earn more money than the local job market can potentially provide. Tutor people from the U.S. or U.K. if you’re traveling through Asia or another low-cost-of-living country around the world.


Home based: 21 side hustles to start in 2021

10. Become an affiliate marketer.

Affiliate marketing is an extremely alluring industry. However, many affiliate marketers don’t make much money. If you have the skills it takes to succeed in this arena, you could quite literally make a small fortune. But be careful not to get drawn into pie-in-the-sky hopes or dreams of making money without putting in much effort.

11. Become a house sitter.

Become a professional house sitter and watch homes for people that go on vacation or have a second home and don’t spend much time there. and both offer house-sitting jobs.

12. Become a freelance article writer.

Write articles for other people. If you have a passion for writing, you could help out other bloggers or even become a ghost writer for a well-known author. Use sites like Freelancer, Upwork and others to advertise your services.

13. Clean houses.

Housekeeping is always an option. There are loads of private families and home owners that are renting out their homes on a short-term basis that need housekeeping or house cleaning services. You can list your services on sites and many others to promote yourself.

14. Become a personal chef.

Are you a good cook? You could become a personal chef and prepare meals for other people. You could easily market your services on social media or even go all out and build yourself a website. There are also plenty of websites you can use to market your services.

15. Rent your spare room on Airbnb.

AirBnB offers a great resource for people that are willing to rent out a spare room or even their entire home. If you’re in a bind for some fast cash, AirBnB offers you an avenue for creating an income. You’ll get paid 24 hours after a guest checks in, which is to avoid any problems or potential scams that might arrive. Some people earn their primary income just by renting out rooms or homes on AirBnB.

16. Sell items on Ebay or Craigslist.

One of the surest ways you can make cash if you’re in a bind is to sell items on Ebay or Craigslist. Any used items like furniture, household appliances, collectibles or anything else that you’re just not using or is collecting dust, can be sold online to make some money. If you’re serious about this, you can even do it professionally for others and collect a small commission for each sale. Take quality photos and write a good description and you’ll be in great shape.

17. Recycle used smartphones on Gazelle.

I’ve sold a few used smartphones on Gazelle and it’s a no-hassle way of making some cash if you have an old iPhone or Samsung smartphone or another device sitting around. While you won’t get top-dollar for it, you will be able to get a little bit of cash that might just help you out depending on your financial situation.

Service based side hustles

18. Start a food truck side hustle.

Purchasing a food truck requires a substantial investment, but the food truck business is growing significantly. Location and cuisine choice is important. Be sure to do ample research before getting started.

19. Wash and detail cars.

Wash and detail cars in your area. Hand out fliers in your neighborhood or post on social media offering your services. Mobile car washing and detailing has become a relatively lucrative business in more upscale neighborhoods.

20. Drive for Uber or Lyft.

One of the most widely available ways for making money is to drive for Uber or Lyft. The sharing economy has quite literally exploded, and both Uber and Lyft are at the forefront. The best part? You can turn on and off your availability through these networks with the simple click of a button, effectively allowing you to make money no matter what time of day or night it is.

21. Be an extra in movies.

If you’re looking to make a few extra bucks without a major investment of your, try your hand at being an extra in a movie. There’s a lot of sitting around and waiting, but the pay is good if you’re in a production city like Los Angeles, New York, London or Vancouver.


Let us know if you have any other side hustles to start in 2021!