Cognac Margarita Recipe “Rivente Rita”

Cognac Margarita Recipe : Rivente Rita

Rivente’ is blended to be enjoyed, first and foremost. We know that you enjoy Rivente your way, but if you want to try a cognac margarita recipe that is sire to make you the talk of the town at your next gathering, try this one.

Use this special blended recipe, and add a new spin on to send to us as well!

Rivente’s Special Crafted Cognac Margarita Recipe

Ingredients for Rivente cognac margarita:

  • 1.5 oz Rivente
  • 1 full oz of Cointreau
  • Fresh squeezed 1 oz  of lime
  • Fresh squeezed 1 oz  lemon
  • 1 table spoon of agave

Instructions for Rivente cognac margarita:

First Measure all ingredients above.

Next, pour into a cold glass.

Lastly, Serve immediately and enjoy, drink, and share!

Rivente’ is a super premium cognac that is blended for you, the hard worker, the entrepreneur, the hustler, the never give up, do it my way person that you are.  Rivente’ was made for you, so enjoy it your way.

In conclusion, Whether you are drinking Rivente cognac this way, or another way, we always want you to drink it YOUR way.

We also encourage you to drink Rivente neat or possibly in a coffee and cognac cocktail way by indulging in something a little more sweet.  We have another handcrafted Rivente cognac cocktail that you are sure to enjoy, check out our Late Night Pick Me Up recipe and try it out at your brunch soon.

A Little More About Rivente…

Ultimately crafted to whet the appetite of old-school bartenders as well as mixology experts, Rivente makes its way to the tumblers of America. Officially launched as a French cognac with an American attitude, the handcrafted spirit bucks tradition by fully embracing it. Giving cocktail creativity a boost while still tethered to everything time-honored about cognac, the brand ups the ante on stylizing a drink without guilt.

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