Drink Rivente Cognac Your Way

There’s not much you can’t do when you do things your way.

It’s Friday night. You’re out with friends. The bar’s crowded, people are having a good time, all that great stuff. You’re there for a night to remember, to have fun. You’ve got bottle service. Perfect. If there’s one place you can do things your way, it’s here. Right?

Well, it depends. Let’s take Cognac.

One of the world’s finest spirits, sure. A luxury, no doubt. They’ve got plenty of cheaper bottles behind the bar. You don’t want cheaper, though. You want the best, and you’re happy to pay a little more for it. You’re out there, spending your money. You want a quality Cognac, you’ve got it. It’s yours. Enjoy it your way.

Sounds all well and good, but have you ever actually tried to enjoy Cognac your way?

The bottle comes, there’s a tray of tumblers, maybe some ice, and that’s it. That’s the way to serve Cognac, but is it your way? Have you ever tried to enjoy Cognac any way other than straight up?

If not, today is the day that you dare to do the unthinkable.  Challenge the odds.  Break the mold.  Who knows what will come forth on the other side.

Rivente Cognac was built on the foundation of creating your own American Dream.  Being told when, where, and how to pursue life is a thing of the past.  Rivente encourages you to disrupt the traditional way you do life, starting with the way you do Cognac.