How Rivente Cognac Is Made

Rivente cognac is a new cognac that defies the odds of traditionalism with not only taste but also class.  We make Rivente cognac with the elgance that cognac deserves.  See how…

So what’s special about the Rivente blend? We use the Raclie family’s traditional Charentais still.   These bold eaux-de-vies are aged for four years in  Limousin forest oak.

The Grapes In Rivente Cognac

Rivente meets all premium standards.  Most importantly, the cognac uses grapes from one of the eight grape varieties grown in one of France’s six  vineyard areas. Rivente is a seamless addition to any mixed drink. 

Rivente’ Cognac VSOP is an elegant blend of eaux-de-vies.  It comes from one of three of Cognac’s great wine growing regions. Cognac’s two greatest crus, Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne, make up around half the blend.  After that, the blend is complemented with eaux-de-vies from Cognac’s largest cru, Fins Bois, known for their wonderful fruit and floral aromas.

Finally, We take these two bold flavors and blend them together.  The result is a super-premium VSOP Cognac of exceptional balance and harmony.  We produce our cognac at one fo the few remaining cognac houses in the region.   Rivente’ Cognac VSOP is double distilled according to the Charentaise Distillation Method of 1936. Prior to blending, we age 26 individual eaux-de-vies.  Master Blender Bertrand Laclie matures his spirits in used oak casks.  This process preserves the  flavors and avoid the harshness that can come from the tannin in new wood. We source our oak exclusively from the limousin forest.  This oak is the most expensive in the world.


Grape varieties: Ugni Blanc (90%) and Colombard (10%)

Alcohol by volume: 40%

Serving suggestion: The only correct way to serve Rivente’ is your way.

Order a bottle of Rivente today and drink, enjoy, and share, your way.