How To Drink Rivente Cognac

Cognac is a liquor that can be paired with a variety of drinks to achieve a bold taste and an even more flavorful experience.  Enjoy cognac on a girls night at home or out on the town at your favorite lounge.  

Here are a few things to consider when drinking cognac…

Neat and Nice:

If enjoying your Rivente cognac neat, or as an unmixed liquor, it is great in a rocks glass with a splash of water or a two or three ice cubes so that they can melt slowly.  The slow water dilution opens up new flavors of the aroma in Rivente cognac.  


Rivente cognac doesn’t freeze because of its high alcohol level.  Including it into a drink with crushed ice reveals a velvety smooth taste that is sure to satisfy during any style of meal.  

During dinner:

Rivente cognac tastes great as a dinner beverage.  Drinking it mixed with tonic water or ginger ale provides a fruity element that pairs best with seafood like oysters or lobster.

We hope you enjoy these tips with your next bottle of Rivente VSOP.