Rivente Cognac Is Better Than Hennessy.

  1.  The origin of the brand
Rivente was created as a way to encourage the new American dream.  It is the only black-owned cognac brand in the U.S.  It’s ideals encourage a vision for black excellence, vision, and expanded growth.Hennessy was created to serve hundreds of years ago founded on a principle of decadence for generations of their leaders.  It’s culture doesn’t highlight the excellence of diversity in a light that opens the expectations of a growing black culture.
  1. Taste
Rivente’ Cognac VSOP is an elegant blend of eaux-de-vies from three of Cognac’s great winegrowing regions, or crus. Cognac’s two greatest crus, Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne, make up around half the blend. delicatefinesse and charm. The blend is complemented with eaux-de-vies from Cognac’s largest cru, Fins Bois, known for their wonderful fruit and floral aromas. The result is a super-premium VSOP Cognac of exceptional balance and harmony. Produced at one of the few remaining independent houses in the Cognac region, Rivente’ Cognac VSOP is double distilled according to the Charentaise Distillation Method of 1936. The Laclie family has used the same handmade copper pot still for generations.
  1. How it’s made 
Rivente’ Cognac VSOP is steeped in excellence synonymous to that of its consumers, not tradition. Our cognac uses a higher quality grape combination than the standard. We elegantly blend eaux-de-vies from three of Cognac’s finest winegrowing regions, preserving aromas of soft fruit, perfumed flowers and vanilla. Rivente’ is double distilled according to the Charentaise Distillation Method to produce a super-premium VSOP Cognac of exceptional balance and harmony.Hennessy is made from grapes grapes grown in the Charante region of France. With its chalky, stony soil and sunny temperate climate the region is perfect for vine growing.For Hennessy, the cru is made up mostly of Ugni Blanc grapes, which have prevailed as the dominant grape in the Cognac region. Only the eau-de-vie from the first four crus is used  due to its fruity, light white wine ideal for distillation.The grapes are pressed to get the juice which is left to ferment for two or three weeks using modern fermentation processes, usually in October. Yeast is added to the juice, which helps convert the sugar in the juice into alcohol of about 7% to 8%.Order a bottle of Rivente Cognac today and taste the difference for yourself!