Top 5 Cognac Mixers

No more wondering what to mix with your cognac.

Rivente should be enjoyed YOUR way but here is a guide with the top 5 cognac mixers for you to start with. The legend of Cognac is one that’s shrouded in history. And for many, in mystery. The drink is so iconic that many mistake it as one that need to be consumed in a certain way. But in all honesty, nothing could be further from the truth. Because it’s one of the most versatile spirits you can think of. So if you ever wonder what to mix with Cognac, then let us introduce you to the wonderful world of Cognac mixed drinks; a place where the only limit is your imagination.

Guide To Top 5 Cognac Mixers For Any Occasion

1. Cognac and Ginger Ale
We hear you ask not just what are the top 5 cognac mixers, but what soda to drink with Cognac? Well the spicy taste of ginger marries delightfully with certain Cognacs. In fact, there are many Cognac cocktails that use the strength of the spice to create a delicious long drink. If you fancy a long, refreshing thirst quencher, then pairing a quality VS or VSOP with ginger ale and ice is a great combination. Use a high ball glass, a shot of your favorite Cognac, and a generous portion of ginger ale. We particularly like it with Fever Tree Ginger Ale, or, for an exotic twist, use the Fever Tree Spiced Orange Ginger Ale, which combines sweet clementine and cinnamon. Together with the Cognac, the flavour explosion is exotic and sensual, one that will really hit the spot for those who value a high end drinking experience.
ginger ale top 5 cognac mixer

Interestingly categorized cognac mixers…

2. Coca Cola
Now, they’ll still be a few purists out there who wouldn’t dream of such a mix. But when it comes down to Cognac mixers, the time-enduring taste of Coke combined with a powerful eau-de-vie creates a flavour infusion that millions enjoy. For us, we like a splash of the fizzy stuff, ice, and a slice of lemon. The combination is really good to drink with Cognac. A quality VS, VSOP, or Napoleon Cognac is a great choice, and one that leans towards the spicier range of the spectrum works best.
coca cola cognac mixer
3. Iced Tea
Fans of the most famous Cognac in the world will be keen to know what to drink with Hennessy Cognac. Now, it might not sound the most obvious choice, but combining it with iced tea is an incredible twist on a drink that’s a favorite with millions around the world. Mix 1.5 oz of VS or VSOP Rivente Cognac , 2 oz of unsweetened cold tea, 1 oz of simple syrup, and 0.5 oz of fresh lemon juice. Shake it up with some ice in a cocktail shaker, garnish with a twist of orange, and voila—your drink is ready. Enjoy.
iced tea cognac mixer

Regularly categorized cognac mixers…

4. Tonic
Never underestimate the humble tonic as a great way to mix and enjoy Cognac. It pairs perfectly and brings out the tones of fruit that Cognac is noted for. Fever Tree produces a range of different tonics that you can experiment with. From Premium Indian to Light Mediterranean, Refreshingly Aromatic to Elderflower, each adds a unique twist and is a seriously good mixer to drink with Cognac.
Check out our tonic tasting to get a bit more of an idea of the difference between Schweppes and Tomr’s, as seen below in the photo. But there’s no need to stick to a particular brand, craft tonic is now a real thing. So relish the differences, and try them all.
tonic top 5 cognac mixer

5. With water or soda
Whisky drinkers will be very familiar with adding a drop of water to their liquor. But it’s not so widely done with Cognac, which is a real shame because it’s a great mixer. Don’t overdo it, of course. But a few drops will stir up the flavors and aromas, subtly revealing another side to the Cognac you’re tasting.
water cognac mixer

Those are our top 5 cognac mixers!

We hope you drink, enjoy, and share with a friend sometime soon. Check out our store locator below to find one nearest you.